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With such a wide range of fragrance options to choose from, it can be easy to let new fragrance trends pass you by. You might say: “I already have a perfume. What do I need a body mist for?” We’re here to help you answer that question.

Body mists are a crucial component of fragrance layering. For those who want that long-lasting and fresh-from-the-shower all-over scent, they are indispensable. They are not a replacement for perfume (unless you’re looking for an extremely subtle signature scent). Rather, they are a complementary scent—one that is bound to elicit compliments.

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    In terms of fragrance content (i.e., the concentration of the fragrance-producing compounds), body mists are a ways down the totem pole. They’re tamer, softer, and lighter; they give the wearer that pleasant all-over scent, but they don’t announce your presence in the same way as a perfume will.

    They are not particularly long lasting, so you’ll need to re-apply your body mist throughout the day to maintain that all-over scent, but the resulting subtle fragrance boost is more than worth the added effort.

    They’re also significantly less expensive than perfumes, but remember, while body mists can be the only weapon in your fragrance arsenal, the scent savvy use them as complementary scents. They provide a light and breezy touch that works in unison with your signature scent.

    How do you use body mist?

    Body mists help hydrate the skin, so, like perfume, they should be applied directly to the skin. Preferably, the skin should be clean, so most people who use body mists do so immediately after showering or bathing. With their light and pleasing aroma, they are a great way to smell great around the house. You might consider applying body mist shortly before bed.

    If you’re using a body mist as part of a fragrance layering regime, you’ll need to re-apply throughout the day. As a general rule, re-apply your body mist 2-3 times in between perfume re-applications. This will keep your scent fresh and perfectly layered throughout the day.

    Other applications

    In terms of other applications for body mists, the sky’s the limit. Thanks to its light fragrance and its low concentration of perfume oils, you can spray body mist on even the most delicate of fabrics.

    Whenever you change your sheets, give the bed a good misting. You’ll be curling up each night in scented bliss. You can also give your clothes a gentle spray either before you put them on or before you fold them and put them away. The scent won’t be particularly strong, but you will notice it.

    Finally, you can use body mist in the car, either to get rid of unwanted odors or to give the car a touch of your unique scent.

    However you plan to use it, make sure you find a scent that dovetails neatly with your other perfumes. Don’t just grab the first bottle you find. It’s got to complement your other scents. If it doesn’t, you’ll be creating scent confusion—definitely something you’ll want to avoid.

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