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 e.l.f. 100 Piece Eyeshadow Palette, 3.17 Ounce : Multicolor Eye … All in one compact including the must have eyeshadow shades

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    These days, finding an eyeshadow palette that’s affordably priced and high quality isn’t that hard of a task. While some of the best finds are worth a visit to the closest drugstore, the average palette looks about the same: 12 shadows — 15 max — and a distinct color theme. If you want anything with more than a handful of shades, you normally have to wait for the holidays, or get yourself a Z-palette. Luckily, E.L.F. just launched a palette so big — and so cheap — you’ll think you’ve died and reached eye shadow nirvana.

    Enter: E.L.F.’s Endless Eyes Palette.

    The 100-pan eyeshadow palette includes dozens and dozens of neutral hues that could rival even your favorite Naked Palette. Besides the full spectrum of earth tones, you’ll also find a healthy dose of blues, reds, and every jewel-toned shade possible


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